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Love XL: Stories of Extra-Large Love

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Coming Out: Part 2

by Jerry Thomas

It wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that Mickey finally worked up the courage to call her. It all seemed so unlikely and he still wondered if maybe it was just a cruel prank after all.

“Hi, Katie, how’s it going? I, uh, I read your letter and was wondering if you were serious about getting together sometime.”

“Hey, Mickey, nice of you to call. I thought that maybe you went away for the weekend. Of course I’m serious. What would you like to do?” She tried to sound casual. She was so excited, she was starting to hyperventilate.

“Well, there’s an outdoor concert on Campus Mall tonight. All kinds of music – blues, country western, some jazz and oldies rock. That might be fun.”

Katie hesitated and felt the beginnings of a panic attack. Outdoor concert? That means there would be lots of people, maybe even some of my friends.

“Um, Mickey, I don’t know. Isn’t it supposed to rain later today? What if we went to see a movie instead?”

Now it was Mickey who wavered. “Hmmm, well Katie, you see it’s like this . . .” He didn’t quite know how to explain it to her.

“It’s just that, well, I have issues with movie theaters. I’m a pretty big guy and the seating is, you know, a little bit narrow for me.”

Oh cool, she thought, he’s actually admitting he’s too fat to fit in the seats at the theater. The very idea gave her a rush.

“That’s okay, Mickey, I understand,” she said, trying to put him at ease. “Why don’t we just watch movies at your place then?”

“Well, if you want to. But it doesn’t seem like that much fun to me.”

“No, Mickey, it’ll be nice. We could make popcorn and have our own little movie night.”

“Alright then, I’ll come over to get you and then we can go to my apartment together.”

“Uh, no, Mickey.” Can’t take the risk of being seen with him in public. “I’ll just come over to your place and save you the trouble.”

He gave her his address and at about eight that evening she entered his apartment building, looking around nervously like a thief. She walked up the stairs to the second floor carrying a large shopping bag and knocked softly on his door.

She seemed startled when he opened the door, as if she were secretly hoping he might not be home. Too late -- no turning back now.

“Hi, Katie, welcome to my humble home.”

He was wearing a light blue knit shirt. The soft material clung to his big body, making his ample rolls and curves even more obvious than usual. The little alligator was holding on for dear life to the round bulge of flesh on his chest.

“Mickey,” she said simply, riveting her eyes to his bulky shape. She walked cautiously across the threshold, wondering if she should make an excuse and rush back out the door at the last minute.

“Come on in,” he said, smiling shyly at her as he took her jacket. “It’s not much, but it’s good enough for a guy like me.”

Katie looked around Mickey’s living room, starting to feel a bit more comfortable. She handed him the shopping bag. “Here, Mickey, this is for you, I mean, for us. I brought some snacks to go along with the movies.

He looked in the bag, checking out the contents.

“Katie, this is good stuff. You know what I like. But this is way too much for one night of movies.”

“If anything’s left over, you can keep it and munch on it later. Or we could save it for the next time.” Oh, God, yes, I hope there is a next time!

Mickey showed her around his place a bit, including the spare room where he did his schoolwork.

“This is my little workshop – this is where I do all my writing,’” he said proudly.

“It’s cool, Mickey,” she said, looking with curiosity around the room. “What kind of writing do you do?”

“Fiction mostly, especially short stories. Some of my stories have already been published.”

“A published writer! You must really have a lot of talent.”

“Thanks, Katie, I think I do, at least a little bit. That’s why I’m majoring in English. But a lot of people assume that all a big guy like me can do is eat all day long.”

“Mickey, I think . . . I don’t mind it at all that you’re a big guy.” She lowered her voice and stepped closer to him.

They sat talking for awhile and then they selected a DVD from Mickey’s large collection and watched it together on Mickey’s couch, sharing a big bowl of popcorn between them.

It was a short movie so they decided to watch another. It was starting to get late and about halfway through the second movie, they realized that something was happening between them. It was a little weird, but they both felt it. Mickey looked at Katie and inched closer to her on the couch. She responded and moved closer to him too. In a moment, without being fully aware of what she was doing, she had her arms around his big soft belly and her lips on his mouth.

They kissed, and with each additional kiss they grew more passionate until the tips of their tongues were touching.

“Mmmm, Katie, that tastes good,” Mickey said quietly when there was a brief break in the action.

Katie just sighed and pressed even closer against him, putting one hand on his soft belly and pushing gently against the mass of pliable fat. He liked it, and in a flash he understood why she was always staring at him.

Oh, this is fantastic. He’s such a big juicy hunk. Katie couldn’t control her emotions and for once she entirely forgot about what her nosy friends might think.

* * *

Katie was relieved that she didn’t run into any of her friends the next day, but on Monday morning Vanessa and her other friend Chrissy approached her, a curious look on their faces.

“So?” Vanessa asked, “What’s the deal with the pink envelope you gave to fatty pants after class on Friday? Did you write him a love letter or something?”

Katie felt like she had been struck by a bolt of lightning. “What? You mean you saw that?”

“Of course. Who could miss it? You were blushing like a ripe tomato.”

Katie thought she would die from embarrassment.

“I mean, do you think you can hide it? Everybody in class could see you making eyes at him ever since the semester started.”

“No, I was just looking at him because . . . because he’s so fat!”

“Yeah, that’s it exactly,” Vanessa continued. “You really like tubbies, don’t you? Girl, you need therapy or something.” She looked sharply at Katie and smiled sarcastically.

“No, no, no, that’s not it at all. How could I possibly like a big fat slob like him?” Katie said the words out loud, but she immediately felt terrible, like she had just betrayed Mickey in front of her friends.

“I don’t know, Katie. If you don’t like him, then what is it? Some weird fetish? You definitely need help.”

Katie didn’t know what else to say. She only knew that she was feeling like a miserable little coward.

“Anyway, Kat, I have to go now. It’s up to you to work out your fat boy problem and get your head together. Are you coming, Chrissy?”

“You go ahead,” Chrissy replied quietly. “I’ll see you later.”

Chrissy and Katie remained together as Vanessa walked away. Something seemed to be bothering Chrissy and Katie had the feeling she wanted to say something.

After a long pause, Chrissy finally spoke. “Katie, I know how you feel. It’s awful, isn’t it? You do like big guys, don’t you? I know because . . . I like them too!”

Katie was stunned. She never would have guessed that her friend Chrissy shared her ‘preference.’

They sat down together on a nearby bench and Chrissy confessed the whole story, how she had been attracted to fat boys and men for as long as she could remember. Katie was surprised to learn how similar their experiences had been.

“I can’t explain it,” Chrissy went on. “I don’t know exactly why I like them, I just do. They seem so sweet and cute, and I like the way they look in their clothes, the way they move when they walk. I just want to walk up and hug them. And usually they’re so much nicer than ‘regular’ guys.”

Katie agreed and then she told her all about her movie night with Mickey in his apartment.

“Oh, Katie, that’s so sweet! It sounds very romantic to me,” she winked.

Katie laughed. “Well, yes, it was. Very romantic, actually. But what should I do now? Come out of the fat-love closet? It looks like Vanessa has already figured it out.”

Chrissy thought for a moment. “Katie,” she said earnestly, “all I can say is, you have to follow your heart. If Mickey catches on and thinks you’re ashamed of him, he’ll be terribly hurt. You just have to have the courage. As for Vanessa, let her chase after the skinny dudes. She’s so shallow, anyway.”

Chrissy had to go, but Katie sat there awhile longer thinking about what Chrissy had said. She was right, of course. She had to have the strength to follow her own true feelings. Come what may.

* * *

Later that day, Mickey called her and Katie told him again how much she enjoyed their movie night together.

“I liked it too,” Mickey told her. “I haven’t felt like that since . . . well, let’s just say for a long time. You can’t imagine how much it means to me to have a girl like you, well, you know, take an interest in me.”

“You really are a good kisser, do you know that?”

“You’re not too bad yourself. We definitely should do that again sometime. Hey, there’s another concert this weekend. Would you like to go this time?”

Katie hesitated, but only for a moment. “Yes, Mickey, that would be wonderful, I’d love to go with you!”

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