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Love XL: Stories of Extra-Large Love

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Coming Out: Part 3 (Conclusion)

by Jerry Thomas

Katie held Mickey’s arm tightly as they walked together. More than anything, it gave her moral support. She felt exposed and self-conscious and she stayed close by Mickey’s side, thinking that maybe she could hide in the shadow of his double-wide body. She looked around anxiously as other people began arriving for the concert.

They’re all looking at us, she imagined. Katie likes fat boys, Katie likes fat boys, she heard them chanting in her mind. She squeezed Mickey’s arm tighter.

He turned his head and smiled at her, unaware of her anxiety. Katie could only give him a timid smile in return.

They picked out a good spot on the grass and spread out the big beach blanket. Mickey got his heavy body down on the ground with some effort. Katie wondered how he would ever be able to get up again.

She sat down next to him and heaved a sigh of relief. She was glad that so far she had not seen any of her friends, especially Vanessa. She started to relax and put her hand on Mickey’s wide thigh. He put his big arm around her and gave her a quick kiss. It’ll be dark soon, then nobody will see us anyway. And then we can kiss some more!

She started looking around as more and more people set up camp around them. It was the usual mix of people for a Saturday night event. But then she noticed something that utterly surprised her. Other women like her were together with fat guys too. Some of them even had babies and little kids with them. An older couple was sitting nearby and she was lovingly patting her husband’s big belly.

She also noticed quite a few good-looking guys who were there with big, curvy women. Katie watched several of the couples and they seemed more than happy to be together. Some of them were kissing discretely in the fading evening light.

Wow! How could I never have noticed this before? she thought in amazement. Maybe it’s not so weird after all. It was as if a whole new, previously unknown world was opening up to her.

The stars were starting to come out and there were only about ten more minutes left until the start of the concert. Katie jumped as she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Hey, Katie. Do you mind if we join you guys?”

Katie turned around and was relieved to see that it was only Chrissy. Chrissy was standing next to a cute but huge guy. She could barely get her short arm around her boyfriend’s ample waist.

“Katie, this is Alan,” she said shyly. “We met at school about two weeks ago.”

It took Katie a minute to get over her surprise.

“Hi, Chrissy. Sure you can sit with us. Hi, Alan, nice to meet you. Uh, guys, this is Mickey,” she said as she put her hand on Mickey’s shoulder.

“Well, hi, Mickey,” Chrissy gushed. “Katie has already told me so much about you. She said you’re very talented.”

Mickey shot Katie a questioning look. “Yes, Mickey,” Katie replied quickly, “I told Chrissy how talented you were as a writer.” She gave him a coy little smile.

Chrissy and Alan spread out their blanket and all four of them sat together. Alan had almost as much trouble as Mickey getting himself down on the blanket.

They sat chatting until the concert started and Katie couldn’t resist asking about Vanessa.

“Um, Chrissy, do you know if Vanessa is here tonight?”

“No, I know for sure she’s not. She’s at home watching TV with her folks. Couldn’t find a date, apparently. Can you believe it?”

“Oh, poor Vanessa!” They both laughed maliciously.

* * *

In the days following the concert, the four of them started going out on double dates more often. Katie was glad she had a friend like Chrissy whom she could relate to and who shared her preference in men. Mickey and Alan got along well together too and soon they became good friends.

Katie still felt a little self-conscious when all four of them would walk into a restaurant together. Some of the other diners would stare at them and then smile and make comments to their companions at the table. Katie assumed they were amazed to see two petite girls like them together with such big guys. But after awhile, she got used to it and refused to let it bother her. She was happy, so what did she care what other people thought.

Katie and Mickey graduated in early June. At the graduation party, Katie made it a point to walk right up to Vanessa as she held Mickey’s hand.

“So, this is the huge romance that started in Professor Q’s class,” Vanessa said sarcastically, making sure she emphasized the word ‘huge.’

“Yes, it is,” Katie replied, as she planted a big juicy kiss on Mickey’s full lips. In your face!

They didn’t stay long at the graduation party, but left early to go back to Mickey’s apartment. There Mickey discovered that Katie was the weak spot in the vast female conspiracy. Fat guys do get laid, he realized to his surprise, as he and Katie wrapped their naked bodies around each other.

Mickey got a job in a nearby town as a middle school English teacher and continued working on his writing part-time. Katie moved in with him and started working as a tutor to inner-city children. Just before Christmas, Mickey published a collection of love stories under the title Extra-Large Love. It became an instant hit among a limited but devoted group of readers and sold many copies as an eBook.

They got married the following June, almost exactly a year after graduation. Chrissy was Katie’s maid of honor and Alan served as Mickey’s best man. A chubby little boy and girl participated in the ceremony as ring bearer and flower girl. Six months later, Chrissy and Alan got married as well.

Katie lost track of Vanessa after graduation except for one time when she saw her riding by on a motorcycle seated behind a skinny, gawky-looking guy. Vanessa noticed Katie, but pretended not to see her and didn’t wave. Katie hoped she was happy.

It wasn’t until several years into their marriage that Katie was able to tell Mickey about her coming-out experience. She wasn’t sure how he would take it, but she even told him about the time she had called him a big fat slob in front of her friends.

To Katie’s relief, he laughed and thought it was funny. “Three girls taking me out on a date. That would have been a blast. Too bad it’s too late for that now,” he joked. “So what do you think about the big fat slob now?”

Katie put her arms around his soft middle and squeezed him tight. “Let’s go to the bedroom and talk about it.”

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